Craftsmanship and creativity that speaks to the hand crafted beauty of the ceramic tradition.

Villa Rustica Ceramics

Villa Rustica Ceramics are created by Greg Furney who makes elegant, functional and timeless tableware. These simple beauitful pieces are all about enhancing our daily life. Each and every piece is hand crafted in-house at his Studio at Villa Rustica.

Greg's story

“I’m essentially a potter’s potter,” says Greg. “My approach is to make everything from scratch from designing my moulds to making glazes. I’m constantly refining my designs to find a balance between style and functionality. While a plate may look wonderfully rustic, it also needs to sit flat on a table and stack easily. A mug should nestle in your hands so it becomes a favourite and you want to drink from it every morning. Hearing stories of how my ceramics enrich people’s lives inspires me to keep making!”

villa rustica ceramics greg at the wheel

Every potter comes to clay a different way and mine started  with a series of misadventures. Although I was curious about clay as a teenager, it wasn’t until a decade ago when I was between jobs in the corporate world that I randomly signed up to a local pottery class.

I was the only male in the class and a total novice. Eventually the women encouraged me to throw on the wheel and, by the end of term, I had proudly made a small blue bowl! That bowl still sits on my bookshelf alongside pots made by some of Australia’s finest ceramicists. It’s an ongoing reminder of my humble beginnings, perseverance and new directions.

Recently, there’s been a resurgence and new appreciation for all things clay. Making ceramics seems to be white hot! What started as a hobby is now a way of life! My studio looks out to the rolling hills of the Byron hinterland, and I  feel like a creative alchemist as I refine designs and explore new glaze finishes. It’s my choice to work alone, because I actually just love every step of the making process. I believe the clarity that comes from one person’s vision achieves not just a visual consistency across the work – but ultimately a more authentic and compelling object. 

Villa Rustica tableware embraces my love for design and my rural surrounds. The tableware is characterised by a smooth glazed surface with a distinctive textured underside that’s formed in the handmaking process. People often comment on the lightness of the plates and how lovely they are to hold and handle. 

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