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“Like stepping into another land. Otherworldly beauty at every turn as you weave your way through the mystical gardens and timeworn arches.”

Heidi Cansdell
Owner & Creative Director
The Romance

Welcome to Villa Rustica

Nestled in the rolling green hills in the Byron Bay hinterland, Villa Rustica seduces with her faded charm and rustic elegance. At its heart is a sunken Moorish courtyard and swimming pool surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Weathered by sun and crafted by hand, the villa is a secluded paradise with timeless appeal. The architectural facades and elegant arches are graced with a textured patina that breathes history, while the overall feel is inviting and contemporary.  Villa Rustica is a photographer’s playground, and the property is available for location hire.

Location hire

Villa Rustica has been used as an evocative backdrop for a diverse range of photoshoots by leading fashion and lifestyle brands. The villa is rich in decorative features, both internally and externally. Although the courtyard is a favourite setting, the villa offers other surprises in the magnificent Florentine columns, charming terracotta floors, a Moroccan style bathhouse and stone out-buildings. Villa Rustica offers half-day and daily rates for photography shoots.

Villa Rustica Ceramics

“Greg’s handmade tableware is beautiful for entertaining, yet casual enough for everyday use.”

Villa Rustica Ceramics are produced by Greg Furney who creates elegant, functional and timeless tableware. Greg’s artisan tableware is distinguished by sleek designs and subtle markings that show the hand of the maker. Each stage of the making process takes place in Greg’s ceramic studio at Villa Rustica.

Villa Rustica Mosaics

“Jane’s mosaic style is exquisitely refined and masterful. Her classical mosaics combine whimsy and elegance, bringing traditional religious motifs into the everyday. Villa Rustica is the perfect setting for her golden icons that are inspired by the Byzantine mosaic tradition. Jane teaches this ancient craft from her studio at Villa Rustica.”

villa rustica mosaics 01

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“Villa Rustica ascribes to a 'handmade with love' ethos. There are rich rewards for those lucky enough to sign up for a class or attend an event at this eclectic villa.”

Sharne Wolff

Arts Writer & Critic

Villa Rustica

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Villa Rustica

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