“Mosaic art is a slow art form. It’s a contemplative process where the image gradually emerges one piece at a time.”

Villa Rustica Mosaics

Creating mosaic art has been Jane’s passion for over two decades. Her beautiful light-filled mosaic studio overlooks the picturesque waterways surrounding Villa Rustica. Specialising in creating mosaics as focal points in architectural and landscape settings, she believes “Mosaics are a clever way to inject colour in your garden or as a stunning decorative feature on an outside wall.” Her work has featured across many projects including exterior wall murals, floor mosaics, corporate lettering and swimming pool features.

“My love for mosaics is linked to a love of history. I even base my travel itineraries around destinations that have the most beautiful examples of Roman and Byzantine mosaics. Back home in my studio, the style of these ancient mosaics inspire me and filter into my contemporary work.”

Beyond her study of mosaic art in Australia, Jane has continued to immerse herself in this arena with international courses and workshops across Italy (Venice, Spilimbergo and Florence) and the United Kingdom. A member of MAANZ (Mosaic Association of Australia and New Zealand), Jane teaches the ancient craft of mosaics at Villa Rustica. 

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