Last week we opened Ashy Bines‘ health and fitness magazine to see beautiful photos of Greg’s tableware in the recipe section. Artisan hand-made tableware is a huge trend in food blogs and cooking books and magazines. British cook and restauranteur, Jamie Oliver is all over this trend and our friend Sandy Vanderwyk from Shed Ceramics has the dream gig of being his go-to ceramic artist! Sandy’s gorgeous bespoke pieces appear extensively in Jamie’s new Veg cookbook and tv series. It’s a wonderful example of creatives supporting each other!

Unlike Sandy, this is our first foray into the publishing world. The designer and editor of Ashy’s magazine, Renata Gombac, visited our studio in December last year with a vision to select pieces with clean organic lines to compliment the health-based recipes. She chose an eclectic range of bowls, platters and one-off pieces from our sample pile. “My work is usually earthy and subtle,” says Greg, “and I was wondering how it would fit with the sleek aesthetic of a glossy magazine. The fresh look of the magazine shows my work in a new way, and I love how it appears as ‘at home’ in this contemporary setting as in our rural surrounds.”

We hope you enjoy the photos and feel free to message Greg on the availability of these ceramics.

Ashy Bines’ magazine, Ashy Bines, is available at selected newsagents and Woolworths and Coles supermarkets.


Banana Oat Cakes served on Villa Rustica Ceramics Classic Plate (page 133)


Villa Rustica Ceramics
Paleo Poke served on Villa Rustica Ceramics Gathering Bowl (page 119)


Healthy Hot Chocolate with Villa Rustica Ceramics Porcelain Pourer and handthrown keep cups (page 127)


Apple & Pomegranate Salad served on the Villa Rustica Ceramics Everyday Bowl (page 113)