Cinzia & Victor’s Moroccan Bathhouse Proposal


How far would you go to create the perfect proposal? Victor’s wildly romantic proposal to Cinzia involved 4 weeks of planning; 3 secret accomplices; 2 fake interstate work trips and 1 banging surprise. Before heading off to L.A. for work, Cinzia happily talked to us about Victor’s proposal.

Victor’s surprise proposal involved careful planning and collaborating with lots of people! Who were Victor’s secret accomplices, and why did you think you were visiting Villa Rustica?

This surprise was so well thought out and so elaborate that I’m still in shock!

Victor contacted my wonderful boss, Vanessa, over a month ago to start planning a surprise proposal. As we work in the travel industry, Vanessa sent me to Byron Bay to attend the launch of a new hotel called Villa Rustica. I was to meet Jane and attend a “gold” themed cocktail party. Jane had even sent my boss a fake email with details of the party! It was a complete set-up.

My two beautiful friends, Melissa and Jakob, who live in Byron Bay, invited me to stay at their home for the weekend. Little  did I know that they were also involved in the surprise! Jakob is a photographer, and he secretly captured each moment of the proposal from behind the bath in the bathhouse.

Between everyone, there were lots of fake meetings and lies… and I never suspected a single thing!

What were your first thoughts when you opened the door and saw Victor?

Victor was meant to be interstate for “work” so when I opened the door, my first thought was “Why aren’t you in Melbourne?!” I then looked around the room and saw the candles, flowers, incredible styling and camera flashing. One of my favourite songs was also playing and I just burst into tears thinking “What is happening?!” and then “Oh my gosh it’s happening!”

byron bay proposal

villa rustica byron bay proposal

byron bay proposal

byron bay proposal Moroccan

The Moroccan bathhouse was styled by Katie from Wild Goat Events. Victor said you love “bling” – so the bathhouse was decorated Moroccan-style with a wedding blanket, pouffes, masses of candles and a bouquet of white peonies. Did Victor get it right?

Absolutely! Everything from the blanket to my favourite flowers and favourite song – even down to the bottle of Gin to celebrate… Perfection!

byron bay proposal villa rustica

And how was your private photoshoot around Villa Rustica after the proposal?

Incredible! It’s impossible to take a bad photo in the Villa as the pool and vine-covered archways are breathtaking. Jakob is an amazing photographer and we can’t stop showing the photos to our friends and family! There’s been many tears and so much emotion from everyone looking at the photos, and it feels amazing that we can share this special moment with them.

byron bay proposal

We wish Cinzia and Victor all the best planning for their wedding. They’re now on the search for an amazing villa in Italy or Greece where all their family can gather to celebrate their love!!

Special thanks to:
Katie, Wild Goat Events, Proposal Planner & Stylist
Jakob de Zwart for amazing photography
Pikt Flower Farm & Florist

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