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Cinzia & Victor’s Moroccan Bathhouse Proposal

How far would you go to create the perfect proposal? Victor’s wildly romantic proposal to Cinzia involved 4 weeks of planning; 3 secret accomplices; 2 fake interstate work trips and 1 banging surprise. Before heading off to L.A. for work, Cinzia happily talked to us about Victor’s proposal.

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5 reasons to stay at Villa Rustica this summer!

The warm months are fast approaching and Villa Rustica is looking elegant after her winter facelift! Sometimes it feels as though we always have workmen on-site but the changes are worth any inconvenience. If you're planning a weekend break in Byron Bay, why not recharge in the Byron hinterland? Villa Rustica's exotic ambience will transport [...] read more

Love at the Villa!

When Greg and I were house-hunting and came across Villa Rustica (formerly known as The Riad), the property was operating as a popular wedding venue. A lot of hearts were broken when we purchased the property and announced there would be “no more weddings” – but we were hoping to slow things down rather than enter […]

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Winter 2018

Greg and I have just closed the doors for winter. Although the temperatures in Byron hinterland don’t plummet as low as other parts of Australia, we find it impossible to heat the villa as the thick rendered walls absorb the outside chill. In previous years, we’ve escaped the cold by travelling but this year we’re staying home. We […]

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